Cancel & Refund

1. Fee once paid is not refundable.

2. For refund of security deposit one Calendar month’s prior notice with effect from the 1st of the month along with a duly filled withdrawal form and a copy of the original receipt, is to be submitted before withdrawal. For refund of security deposit all fee due as on date of submission of withdrawal form must be paid and there should be no arrears, otherwise arrears shall be deducted from the security deposit.  

3. Those parents who wish to withdraw their ward at the end of the academic year must give one month’s notice (by submitting the withdrawal form) before 1st March otherwise fee for the next quarter (new academic year) will be charged. In such cases parents who do not inform in advance cause a huge loss to the school as the seat is automatically reserved for the student in the next class (which goes waste), hence parents are required to pay the fee for the 1st quarter of the next academic year if they withdraw their ward without complying with this rule.  

4. School Leaving Certificate (TC) will not be issued until all payments due to the school have been paid in full and clearance received from the various offices, such as the admin office, school library, academic coordinator etc.

5. The online fee payment at IPEM involves complex system of technical and telecommunication networking integration between customer’s Internet bandwidth, IT system of banks and payment gateways and is dependent on internet connectivity across various constituents. Any failure or delay in this complex network may cause transaction failure before completion.  In case of any payment failure at the time of online fee payment, if any funds are transferred into the school account, they will be refunded or adjusted against the fee payment transaction which failed. The school will not be responsible for refund/adjustment of any money which has not been actually credited to the school account, owing to failed transactions, even though the funds may have been debited from the parents account. Usually in such cases, the payment gateway company / bank refunds the money within 3 working days. This happens in rare cases and if this happens the school will make every effort to resolve an issue as early as possible and provide all necessary information to the parent in case of a complaint.